What Is Hole In One Insurance

Our Hole-in-One Insurance works just like any other kind of insurance policy, except you are paying a premium to eliminate the risk of having to pay for a prize if someone makes a hole in one during your golf event.

When you use hole in one insurance you pay a small premium fee. If someone aces (gets a hole in one) on the designated target hole, your hole in one coverage kicks in, and we will pay for the prize.

For example:

Let’s say the ABC Company wants to make the most of their sponsorship at your golf tournament. They want to give all players the chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl from 160-yard on Hole 7. Before the event a cooresponding Super Bowl Wonsurance package is purchased, which includes their hole in one insurance coverage and complimentary on course signage. Following the Hole-In-One rules Mr. Bob Golfer makes an hole in one on Hole #7, Mr. Golfer will get a trip for 2 to this years Super Bowl which includes Airfare and Hotel. ABC Company gets to relax knowing it is all being covered by Wonsurance, the tournaments gets all the press, and players will be encouraged to come back year after year.

Now not all tournaments have sponsorships their first year, the purchase of a Hole in One Insurance can also draw in sponsors next year when everyone see's the gain in excitement from such a prize. Also a Wonsurance prize is perfect for upgrading the sponsorships of last minute sponsors.